This Is What Makes Twins Unique and Adorable – A Must Watch!

No adjective can describe my admiration for twins. How can two different people share the same look and share some traits? Twins started bonding in the mother’s womb. How do they even fit in there? Probably they are up to some mischief like pressing their mother’s already-full bladder.

In the footage below, the two little girls are wearing identical caps. The connection between the duo is visible. They look into each other’s eyes. It appears like they are reading each other’s mind. It appears the two are having an animated conversation. I could watch the video the entire day.

Daddy is filming her girls. He probably will show them the footage when they grow up. It is a constant reminder of their calmness before heading home.

Twenty years from now and the little girls will graduate to young women. It would be interesting for them to see themselves. Probably, they will be laid back, or maybe one of them will be hyper? Maybe they will fight over a boyfriend. Life is strange and beautiful at the same time.

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