This Is What She Had To Answer After Getting Bullied For Her Size. What An Answer!

It’s very sad to see how bullying has advanced in all forms to hit our society in a storm.

From when bullying started on social media, it has affected nearly everyone. People have tried their best to stop the bullying, but still there are people out there who still prefer practicing it on other people.

In the clip below, Loey Lane, a YouTube user, breaks down this bullying issue. She actually uploads clips of her in bikinis, which have generated a lot of comments.

Just to drive the message to people on how bullying can be very bad to others, she produced a clip under the title “Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis,” which outlines why.

She said that the comments that she received was that fat people never looked appealing when they have the bikinis on, a comment that she is not in accord with.

She posted on YouTube a mocking comment in which she was saying that she never knew of the session that was held where people came together to decide what looked appealing and what never looked pleasing.

The full clip is full of the ugly comments that she has received from the watchers of her posted clips. It is very annoying to see how some viewers have used very bad words to describe her.

Watch the clip below and let us know if people should fear their physique by commenting below! Please SHARE this clip with all your friends and family so as to create awareness that that our bodies were God given!


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