This Is What The Olympic Games Mean To Usain Bolt… A Hero!

The Olympics is not just about competing for the medals. It is about peaceful coexistence among nations. It is a moment when people come together to compete in a spirit of brotherhood. It is a moment for people from different countries to prove that they can put personal differences and interests aside and compete as friends. It is a moment to show that we can all be true statesperson men and relate with mutual respect. That is what Bolt was able to prove recently when he was being interviewed by a reporter.

Usain Bolt had just won a gold medal. As you would expect this was a happy moment for him. You could perhaps imagine that he would not remember that the Olympic is all about mutual respect and honoring each other’s abilities. That he would just be immersed in the heat of the moment. No, when he heard the national anthem of the United States being played, he stopped what he was doing and sang it along with the rest of the stadium. It was so inspiring.

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