This Is What This Boy Was Speaking While In The Bathroom. Then Mom Decided To Record… So Hilarious!

Sometimes, our parents can be the best detectives around or they just accidentally come across what was not meant for them. Some are not bothered and go on with their daily activities while others try to get themselves into the mix. This mother was carrying out her daily chores when she came across what she least expected.

Her son who was using the toilet was talking to himself and whatever she overheard was unbelievable. The son thinks the toilet will overflow with his poo and speaks all that loudly. As the video goes on, it gets funnier and I’m surprised this mother was able to contain herself without laughing. This is something I could not have managed to do for such long if I were in the same position.

We always like our readers to laugh and be happy. When we came across this video, we were not able to hold back our laughter. We also decided to make you laugh and share it with you. Now, you have the chance of making your friends laugh by SHARING with them and ensuring you have commented below to air your views! Please do it!

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