This Is What True Love Is All About. What This Woman Did Left Me In Tears. So Touching!

Ever imagined to find yourself in a situation similar to the one this woman found herself in? She was leaving school headed home when she found a child who had been abandoned in some trash.  She showed how strong she is by taking the child home as supposed to running away or calling the police. She decided to raise the child by herself and the two ended up developing a very strong bond.

The rate at which child abandonment is rising is so alarming.  For instance, in Malaysia, from the year 2005 to 2011 alone, more than 500 cases were reported. That means the video you are about to watch below is not fiction at all!

According to UNICEF (a United Nations organization), whose work is to deal with children’s emergency services, abandonment is not the only problem facing children. Statistics show that around 153 million children across the globe do not have one parent or both.  Taking that into consideration, that’s why I find this woman’s courageous act helpful.

We need to offer these children some help like this woman did to rescue the world from this epidemic. Some may not appreciate what she did, but I find her selfless act so admirable and beautiful.

How do you feel about this? Did the video make you feel something? Air your opinions by commenting below.

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