This Is What You Should Do Before You Can Have Your First Kiss – Lovely!

In 2012, Alan and Elisabeth wedded. They had planned everything so well and till them all had gone as planned. Then as they were exchanging their vows, the pastor uttered something that was not on the plan. He announced to everyone present at the church that the husband-to-be was about to surprise his wife-to-be. Alan then proceeded to sit behind a piano and sang a love song he had composed for her. All this happened before both could kiss for the very first time ever.

The two met for the first time when they were playing at an orchestra. Actually, when Alan was in high school, he drafted a poem that attracted Elisabeth. When they planned to wed, Alan transformed the poem to the love song. He confessed to have finished it some few days before the wedding.

When he finished singing the song, the whole church applauded him. Currently, the two live in Houston, Texas. Alan went to work at a middle school as an orchestra director and Elisabeth became an orchestra director too but at some high school. What a couple who got and still is attracted by music.

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