This Is Why Foxes Said To Be Cunning Animals. Need To Check This Out, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Whoever said that foxes were cunning animals, had a reason, and in the clip below you will see why that is true.

The clip was shot in England, and it is about a fox who kept on insisting on different tricky methods to rob away a golf club cover from the golfers

You can witness as the fox cunningly nears the golf club cover then getting hold of it with his mouth and running away, but when chased by a golfer, he lets it drop.

After seeing the chase, you will think that the fox has it clear that he shouldn’t be messing with anything of the golfers, but surprisingly enough, he appears again with the same intention! This reminds me of the stubborn puppy I have back home!

The golfer positions the golf cover to another place but again this tough headed animal never gets tired of trying to snatch it for the third time. You can note that the fox keeps on increasing the distance that he carries the golf cover each time he is given a chase.

Then the game changes when the golfer picks the golf cover and snaps it back to the camera. The fox now becomes the chaser and the golfer the chased!

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