This Kid Can Use 100% Of His Brain Power When Doing This. Watch That!

When Derek Paravicini was born, he was 3 months premature. Due to this, Derek’s brain hadn’t fully developed. His parents feared that he might have severe autism. But the kid survived, even growing well to the age of going to school. His nice parents took him to a special needs school, and that’s where his journey to fame kicked off!

When this kid heard the smooth sound of a well-played piano, his mind just flew out of him. He ran to the piano room and literally shoved the teacher aside. He put his hands on that cool sound-producing thing and launched his bid to the top right there. He did it all right!

It didn’t take long for the teacher to realize that this particular kid had something more than just hands to play a piano. Derek was passionate about it. He could actually utilize all his brain power while playing the piano. The piano seemed to kick aside his autism in some way. He was going to be the best in this!

In this video, you get to watch this little one wow the people with his inborn talent. You won’t believe this. He can play almost anything, anyhow!

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