This Kid Has Been Always Dreaming Of This, Then One Day… So Touching!

Some things are very hard to believe like when a woman just leaves her children and never returns. This happened to the Robles brothers, when one day their mum gave them a $20 note and left for good to never hear from her again. Sadly enough, there was nobody to take care of them as their father was in prison. This made them to be taken to different foster homes. This action made Jose, the biggest of the three brothers, who had 12 years to swear of reuniting his brothers again, by one day buying a house and living with his brothers in it.

By the time he was in the 8th grade, he was already working at different blue collar jobs. When he attained 24 years of age, he was elected at the Lemon Grove Library in San Diego, to be the assistant branch manager. In a duration of 10 years, he was able to save $15,000 which he paid the whole amount as a down payment for a foreclosed home. Although the house was not good looking, he was proud that it was his own home. It also chanced that when he was buying the house, Diane Cox, who was working at Just In Time, an organization that assists adopted children.

Revealing to Steve Hartman of CBS, Diane said that they were aware of how the house needed a repair urgently, so they made people know of it. Surprisingly enough, many people offered to help by purchasing cooking ware, carpets, curtains, paint and many others.

After 12 years, Jose’s promise of reuniting with his brothers was accomplished. Confessing, Jose said that it was the very same way that he had planned.

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