This Kid’s Debating Tactics Are Off The Charts. I Had To Replay This!

If you think a toddler can’t walk up to an adult and make a debating statement, you better trash that thought before this video plays on your screen. This mom said this will go viral. Guess what happened!

First off, a kid knows their parents by the names of dad and mom. However, some parents will want their kids to master their real names so they can use them in case of an emergency. Well, this kid’s parents did teach him their names, and the results shocked them!

So this small person isn’t impressed by mom’s yelling and spanking after he apparently tried to talk grandma into “helping” him have cupcakes for dinner behind mom’s back. To express his disappointment, the toddler tries to start an argument with mom, trying hard to legitimize his actions and condemn mom’s disciplinary “procedures.” In fact, he has another brother, and he isn’t happy that his sibling should get any spankings too. But mom is adamant, trying to put across her point of view regarding the matter, but his kind isn’t done with this. Just listen to him!

The fun moment starts when he starts throwing in mom’s real name, Linda, to get her attention. He’s so cunning!

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