This Kid’s Journey While Under Foster Care Will Blow Your Mind!

Placing children into foster care normally makes them resentful, angry and depressed – and it’s understandable. As a result, the relationship of parents with the kids who have gone through that experience is difficult to manage or fail to work. That is why most of them are shuffled from one home to the other in search of stability and love.

The film below is entitled “ReMoved,” and was prepared by Nathaniel Matanick. It is an emotional story which features a young girl who was placed into foster care after separated from her kid brother once their home was torn apart. The clip is both heartbreaking captivating at the same time and it makes us what a child emotional experiences when subjected into such conditions.

Zoe is the name of the little girl and she had to cope with the feeling of isolation and abusive relationships. It begins when she witnesses her mother being abused by her father. Even when the police show up to arrest her Dad, her Mom is still interested to fight for the man who subjects her to all sorts of abuse. In the process, fending for herself is the only option that Zoe has. Then there is a twist of events in the girl’s life. You need to watch the clip to learn several lessons.

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