This Kind Of Negligence Might Be Happening In Out Hospitals. What Will You Do About It?

How will you react if you discover you have not been living with your biological parents? I’m not talking about an adoption case, when a mistake is made at the hospital. At 41 years of age, David Tait Jr. and Leon Swanson recently discovered someone switched them when they were born.

After the discovery, the two men were devastated. The two grew up in the same town and grew up knowing each other. They come from a town in Canada known as Winnipeg.  While in their 20s, people used to say that Swanson’s mother looked like Tait Jr. and vice versa.

They used to ignore the comments until news spread that some pair of men were switched at birth in the same hospital where their birth took place. The other men were their age mates and it forced them to perform a DNA test.

The theory was confirmed by the tests and two families had to put up with the new development. The outcome made the hospital to be investigated since it’s unimaginable that a similar mistake can be performed twice by professionals.

According to Tait Jr., the matter brought a lot of anger, confusion and distraught. It is evident that they were robbed something for four decades by the hospital. Such kind of negligence has not excuse.

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