This Lady Is So Hurt By This Man Doing This To His Girlfriend. It’s Emotional!

It’s always obvious: if you feel that your partner is abusing you physically or emotionally, you need to walk out of the relationship without a second thought. But some people don’t really realize that emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse. Martina feels that it’s not okay to abuse your partner in any way, and that’s why she had to do what she did as seen in the video.

So “What Would You” decided to act up something to see how people would react to a situation. They’ve one lady and a man arguing in public, and then the man starts scolding and degrading the lady in some very hurtful utterances. However, no one seems to care about whatever the two are up to, except Martina, who steps in to shield the lady from the raging boyfriend.

Martina is so emotional about all this that she even breaks down in tears as she comforts the abused lady. Turns out, it’s just an act. The two antagonists were acting up to captures the people’s reaction, and it seems like Martina is the only human on the right side of it.

Watch the full video and love Martina for her strength to stand up for another human being. Please SHARE on Facebook too!

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