This Lady Removes Her Mask For The First Time In Two Years To Reveal This… OMG!

Turia Pitt, a mining and modelling engineer, was agonized with burns on her body. The calculation has it that 64% of her body received burns. This tragic incident happened while she was at a competition in the Kimberly Ultra Marathon in Kununurra, Australia. Some days prior to the start of the competition, a bushfire had been set up at the outside of Kununurra. Suddenly a strong wind came and changed the course of the fire, bringing about enormous flames which got the marathon runner by surprise. Apart from receiving burns on her body, she also lost fingers of her right hand, and also undergoing more than 10 surgeries. After the incident, she was admitted at the hospital for about five months.

She confessed that while at the race, there reached a time where there was no otherwise because of the increasing temperatures which made her leap and try to run, resulting to the obtaining of the burns. For about five hours, attempts to reach her went in vain due to the isolation of the place. She managed to reach a settlement thanks to Racing The Planet; the organizers of the last year’s event in June. Although she has to cope with the burns all her life, she is grateful to have survived the tragedy.

In the 60 minutes recording done in 2013, for the first time she takes off her mask in two years. Watch it and make sure to SHARE this touching story with all your buddies on Facebook!


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