This Lady Was Pulled To The Dance Floor. How They Danced! I Lack The Words!

The Northeastern part of Brazil is well known for its different types of music and dancing styles. Forro is a dance style that came from Brazil. I know most people are not familiar with this particular dancing, but the moment you see the performance, wow! I am sure you will need to watch it more!

If one wants to be an expert in Forro dancing, you need to master the salsa and samba moves. Whenever there is a performance involving Forro, Brazilians will always go to the stage.

This clip originated from a workshop that featured the Forro festival. This is a festival that is conducted yearly and most music and dance lovers normally look forward to it. Lately, this dancing style has also gained much popularity in different parts of the world.

In this clip, two talented dancers are performing to show the audience what the Forro anniversary entails. I was amazed when I saw the incredible moves by these two talented dancers. For sure, they have talent, and that is quite evident from the cheering that comes from the crowd.

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