This Lady Was Surrounded By A Group Of A Capella Men. Reason? You’ll Love This!

Lately, there are so many video proposals on the internet. It has become really hard to find a favorite one out of the many. It appears that guys have spent so much of their time to take the marriage proposals to another level.

As much as I have seen many proposals since I was born, I have to admit that this is one of the most brilliant ways to propose to lady. It’s just awesome! Not only is Salvatore’s proposal creative, it’s also unique and the most heartwarming proposal I have ever come across. I am afraid I’ll have to use his method sometime in the future.

In this clip, we meet a thirty eighty-years-old man from Rome. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend so that she could move in with him. Salvatore was not the kind of guy who would propose to her girlfriend in the same way other men do. As a result he did something incredible!

Salvatore asked the help of an a cappella group to help him propose to his wife to be. What the a cappella group did during the proposal has left me in tears!

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