This Legend Singer Amazes The Crowd When She Sings “God Bless America,” Unbelievable!

It’s very possible that this song has been heard for a thousand and one times by many listeners, but I bet this other version of it is the best of all!

In the following video, on-board of the USS Harry S. Truman, the famous singer, Celine Dion, gives a marvelous interpretation of “God Bless America” on CBS’s “Rockin’ for the USA – A National Salute to the US Military.” This experimented and professional songstress left all the viewers of TV on that day stunned as she sang this patriotic song.

Although this singer is Canadian born, it never stopped her from honoring all the army and members who are struggling for our freedom. It’s amazing how Celine made the whole crowd impressed with her angelical vocals. The choir and the band that accompanied the famous singer on the stage just showed how patriotic they are. Even the service squad who were present at the crowd stood up immediately and started waving the flag of America in unanimity.

The author of this song “God Bless America” is Irving Berlin, and was written in 1918 and himself made the revision 1938. It has a character of a prayer for the blessing from God and harmony for the nation.

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