This Little Boy Approached A Piano At Paris Saint-Lazare And Amazed Everybody!

One a daily basis, Paris Saint-Lazare which happens to be one of the largest railway stations within Paris, sees around 500,000 travelers passing through it. That is according to a report released by RailEurope. It is said that 1837 was the year when the station was opened and since then it has seen a lot of growth and at the moment you will find within it a modern shopping mall and 27 platforms. There sits a piano in this 2nd busiest railway station around Europe which any passersby who need to play has the freedom of doing so.

From what I have experienced so far, it is when you least experience some moment of brilliance that you end up being proved wrong. That’s true when we talk about different artists, performers and people with all sorts of talent. And when we talk about performance, it never depends on someone’s appearance or age.

That was the case when one young boy approached the piano in this railway station. Not much was expected but then his performance ended up mesmerizing those who witnessed it for a duration of 10 minutes.

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