This Little Boy Shocks Everyone When He Did This To The Sick Legend… WOW!

One of the things that I really love is music. Nice music makes me relax and if I am stressed up, my only relaxation is music.

Ever heard of this music legend that is called B.B King, or his music? When he was admitted at the hospital after being diagnosed with diabetes, a little kid of 10 years came up and produced a clip where he is playing a musical instrument of a version of Kings Song entitled “The Thrill Is Gone.” The main aim of this little musician called Lee was to sing to him a song so that King would be motivated and if necessary help him in getting well.

Apart from doing this version of King’s song, he also called attention from the way he was wearing. He had a tiger pajama on.

Although this little boy did everything so that King would recover from his sickness, the sad news is that King passed away on May 14 at age 89. From the month of April, when Toby Lee made this video for King, a lot of surprises come up regarding this little musician, for he has received a personal message from Rita King Washington, one of the daughters of King, and also numerous sponsorship offers.

From this video, we clearly note how King has been an inspiration to other upcoming musicians. We hope for the best for this little boy to continue like that in the music world.
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