This Little Child Plays Violin Together With André Rieu In A Professional Way!

I really love listening and watching music, especially if it is the type whereby music instruments are implemented. It tends to attract me, and I swear that I must be a fan of instrumental music.

Akina camara came to this world in 2000, in Berlin, Germany, according to his Facebook page.

By the time he was two and a half years of age, he started playing the violin. He surprised all his teachers of music the way he would play the instrument. The surprising thing that the teachers confess is that he only could listen to a piece once or twice and completely memorize it. Due to this amazing ability, he was introduced to the experienced and famed André Rieu. The rest is a music history to tell.

I was totally captivated to watch this little boy perform with high level of professionalism in the video below. It is certain that his legacy will live forever and once you watch the clip you will discover why I’m saying so. It was such a fascinating performance!

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