This Little Kid Awaits The Mailman Daily, The Reason… So Lovely!

You will be surprised to find out who Carter Lawson of 4½ years waits everyday on the porch. Not a pet, nor a father. He eagerly waits for the postman.

Cassie Lawson, the mother of Carter, said that any person could have told her son to go away but Mike the mail man accepted his friendship which seems to be lovely.

Carter calls him “Mailman Mike.” Both have mutual benefits as Carter shows Mike the route and in turn Mikes offers protection from the dogs on the route.

Mike made a comment that Carter is also a mail man since he has clothes that resemble the ones of the mail man.

The friendship started when Carted developed interest on the mail van that used come. On sunny days, Carter would offer Mike cold water and some snacks. Later, Mike started to bring some sweets and letters for Carter.

Mike said that one of the stops as a mail man was at Carter’s home. He said that he crowns the day with him and it’s his best part of the day, because he is a lovely kid.

Mike plans on taking Carter and his mom on a tour of the post office so he can see the rest of Mike’s job.

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