This Lovely Kid Was Astonished By His Dad’s Trick. Hilarious!

Children are lovers of magic! As I grew up I also liked to see someone perform magic though some of them were just simple tricks that I could not comprehend. Nothing will always keep a child patient for a long time than waiting for a magician to perform some magic. Regardless of how long the magician might prepare himself before the performance, the child will be patient enough to wait. Anyway, kids are obsessed with magic since they would want to see something happen out of nowhere.

After watching the magic, children would tell anyone they meet on their way about it. The kid might even decide to start telling their friends how the magic was performed even if the friends were present when the magic was being performed. This is how funny kids can be at times.

This clip shows how children love magic. When you look at this lovely kid’s face after watching his father performs a simple trick, you may think it is magic too.
Surprisingly, this trick won’t work forever.

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