This Made Me Yearn For The Rainy Days, What He Does? So Clever!

Art has done it again! We have to thank Peregrine Church, an artist from Seattle for making rainy days to be fun. His project is called Rainworks and it comprises a series of hidden messages that are only revealed after they have been activated with water.

We have previously covered other impressive forms of art and what Church does over here is enough to rank her amongst the top. He uses the ordinary to come up with something unusual.

As he explains within this clip, he had the intention of making people happy during the rainy season when he was coming up with his work of art. His first release was a piece that displayed “Stay dry out there,” which he placed at one Street bus stop in West Seattle. A hopscotch outline is his other notable fun piece.

We went further to reveal that all of his products are made from non-toxic components that are biodegradable. The lifespan of every Rainwork is from 4-12 months, however it depends on the number of traffic. At the same time, it fades faster with more abrasion. He is allowed by the authorities to put in place his art since it’s short lived and environmentally safe.

Watching this video is a great way kick-starting your day. The guy is full of fun and clever ideas! Did you enjoy watching what he does?

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