This Man Had Been Unresponsive Until This Happened… What An Incredible Breakthrough!

I believe, we all get that wonderful feeling whenever we listen to music. It’s like those amazing waves of sound carry us to another amazing world.  Ask Henry Dryer and he will be in a better position to explain all that. When this video was being released, Dryer was 92 years old and was living in a nursing home and each day his health was deteriorating since he suffered from dementia.

As revealed by the nursing staff members, it seems he had lost interest with everything around since he was so unresponsive. They even regarded him as “unalive” within this video. Here, neurologists had paid him a visit and they introduced music in his room for the very first time. Immediately the headphones were on, the unexpected happened – he seemed interested. He rediscovered his true self something he had failed to do for a very long time. He even speaks up and his words are about love and music.

It’s worth noting the special connection victims of dementia have when they listen to music. This story of Dryer has been documented together with other cases in which victims of Alzheimer showed some improvement upon listening to music.

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