This Man Was In The Streets For 7 Years, What The Strangers Did? So Touching!

Donald Gould has 51 years and he always sits at the public piano in Sarasota, Florida, on a daily basis, where he plays it for the locals of the area. But as he was playing it one day, a lover of his music recorded him, a thing that would bring a complete change to this veteran’s life.

After the clip was uploaded on YouTube, Gould became very popular, in that he received more than 1,000,000 views due to his playing talent.

Donald’s background as a former Marine was full of hardship. In 1998, his wife passed away and the government took away his only son later on when he turned out to be a drug addict.

He had no otherwise but to struggle in the streets as a homeless man for 7 years trying to shape his life again.

Good Samaritans have teamed up to assist him in giving his life a change for the better. They bought him new outfits and did him a haircut that he had not had in 18 months.

He could not resist this kindhearted action but to cry tears of happiness.

Apart from that, he also was offered to work as a pianist at some restaurant.

His dreams before being snatched his son by the government was to pursue his music career and become a music teacher.

He said that he always thought of his son ever since his was taken away from him, and on the 24th of the past August, he turned 18 years. His wish is that one day he gets the opportunity to be reunited

We hope that he finally sees his son. What is your opinion?

Perhaps, Gould’s change of fortune will help him reunite with his long lost son. Please SHARE this touching story with your friends and family on Facebook!

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