This Man’s Way Of Delivering A Message Has Gone Viral – I Enjoyed This!

Meet 32-year old Roman Atwood. While growing up, Roman was different from the other kids. He loved watching the “Jackass” series. The series inspired Roman and his friends to create their quirky videos.

In the past, Atwood helped his parents run a rope shop. Atwood hated working in the shop. As a result, he quit his job at his parents’ shop and started a YouTube channel. Currently, his channel has over seven million subscribers. There is no denying Atwood a star.

Atwood has built a brand around “Smile More” message banner. Every video he posts shows his determination.

In the video below, Atwood is seen strolling through public spaces. He is wearing his bathrobe only. There is a cameraman on the as he waits for the right time Atwood will pounce. Atwood is targeting parents with children. He waits till there enough distance for him to jump in between the pair.

Is Atwood crazy? The parents see him as stranger exposing his nudity. The kids see him in a different light, thanks to his “Don’t Do Drugs” branded shirt.

What a genius way of delivering the anti-drugs campaign! If you know anyone struggling with a drug problem, there are various treatment options. Visit for more information.

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