This Mother Elephant Showed What It Means To Be A Parent. What She Did? I’ve Been Touched!

All parents have a special connection with their children. They will always sacrifice within their ability to ensure their young ones are comfortable and safe. It’s the same story in animals and the elephant you’re meeting here shows that better.

Within this clip, a baby elephant was trapped in the mud and the mother is desperately trying everything to rescue it. She is seen digging with full dedication irrespective of the challenges of the rescue mission. This made me remember another mother elephant that saved her calf from drowning.

As revealed within this video, the rescue mission was delayed by some of the mud that kept on returning into the well and smothering the young elephant. She was hopeful that she will manage to save her baby and kept on digging continuously for 11 hours. Those who witnessed this happening were afraid to interfere with her mission since they knew there were chances of facing her wrath. Not even the animal rescuers who were at the scene had the courage to interfere with her.

This took place in India near the Chatra district and people who heard the cries went to the scene only to witness the heartwarming rescue mission. Finally, when her dedication had paid off, the two walked side by side as they left the scene.

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