This Newborn Was Destined For Doom Until The Dog Saved The Day. UNBELIEVABLE!

Duke was adopted by the Brousseau family around 6 years ago from one shelter and all he has received since then is a family that’s full of love. From the time they adopted him, they had a feeling that he was not like any other dog- he had something special in him. Though that was the case, they never exactly knew how special he will end up becoming.

It was a Sunday evening when the family had retired to bed when all of a sudden Duke did something unusual. He jumped onto their bed and started shaking nonstop. The couple had never seen Duke behave this way before and from the way he acted, their instincts told them all was not fine. They then went ahead to confirm whether Harper, their daughter of 9-weeks was fine. They were shocked with what they found out – their daughter wasn’t breathing.

They then called an ambulance and were able to save their baby’s life. This story might have had a completely different ending were it not for little Duke.

This brings out the unconditional love that dogs have for their humans. They always have that extra sense that makes them sense danger and that’s why they are so special for us. WOW!

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