This Nurse Panicked When She Discovered Who The Dying Patient Was… What A Coincidence!

Some things happen leaving us amazed. In this video, we meet a nurse called Wanda. She was carrying out her usual duties in the hospital when a patient arrived. After the patient had been received, he was directed to the ward. This nurse decided to go and welcome the new patient and know some few details about him. It was during their small talk when she decided to inquire more about this sick man since his name seemed familiar.

After giving out his story, the nurse realized that the ailing patient was none other than her father. Her dad had left them with their mother some years back after some disagreements. At that time Wanda was very young and she never spent time with her dad.

Surprisingly, Victor had been assigned to her own daughter to take care of him. What a coincidence! This poor man had been fighting cancer for the last one and a half years and had been sent to Calvary Hospital since the disease was on its final stages.

Wanda forgave her dad for having left them and thanked God for having brought him to her! Watch this video to see their wonderful reunion!

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