This Ocean Floor Encounter Has Everyone Gasping And Popping Eyes. Can You Believe It?

Picture this: A man and his good assistant are at the bottom of the sea Between Antarctica and New Zealand. Now, there is something in front of them, and you won’t believe what it is.

It’s a right whale, a 45 foot marine animal that’s been declared engendered for many years.

It’s a fact that when Brian Skerry went to Auckland Island for an expedition, he never expected to rise from the bottom of the ocean with a photo of a giant marine creature in such an easy manner. In fact, his real mission was to look for it, but then he found himself just within feet of this giant, and he took the pictures with grace.

But perhaps the most moving of all this is Brian’s description of the animal as playful and peaceful. You might be tempted to wonder just how such a giant creature can be playful, but this guy was there.

Check out the video and watch this as he has his time at the ocean floor, and give your opinion about it. If you think this is cool and adorable, SHARE it on Facebook!

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