This Old Woman Does The Unexpected On Her 100th Birthday, I’m Speechless!

How many years would you expect to live? I’m sure you don’t have a clear answer, but I know some would wish to live forever while some would want to die after seventy to eighty years. What would you do if you lived on earth for the number of years you wanted? How would you celebrate your 79th birthday? Do you think you will stay indoors and celebrate it like other people?

In this video, we meet Georgina. She is one of the craziest and oldest women I have come across. This woman did something quite unexpected on her 100th birthday. She did two things that most people have never even done in their lifetime, can you guess? Georgina went skydiving as well as swimming with the sharks on her birthday. The family also said that she had done the same when she was celebrating her 92nd birthday.

I know there is someone reading this post right now, and he or she is probably wondering how an old woman managed to skydive. All you need to do is watch this video and see it for yourself.

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