This Pet Shop’s Experiment Caught Many By Surprise… Watch This!

Each and every day, we see a number of puppies go without anyone adopting them. One pet shop had that in mind and decided to do an experiment which in the end made the headlines. They wanted to come up with a different way of providing the homeless pets with homes as opposed to what the shelter homes do.

Will you take a pet home if it was being offered for free? Some people say that the fees which is being charged discourages them from getting one, what about you? Don’t you think the shelters deserve to charge the fees which they demand as a way of ensuring they keep on operating and end up saving the lives of other pets? We surely need to do something to save the lives of pets which are abandoned after they have become unwell or when their owners think they can’t afford taking care of them any longer.

Whichever the means a person uses to acquire a pet, what matters most is the relationship which develops between the owner and the pet. You might pay a lot to acquire one, but in the end fail to offer the much needed love and affection.

Please watch this video and let us know what this experiment made you think. Is it something you will love to see being implemented everywhere? Kindly SHARE and let us know your opinions by commenting below!

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