This Pizza Delivery Man Couldn’t Hold His Emotions When He Received The Tip. It’s So Heartwarming!

For most people, a tip equals to an extra cash, but for the pizza delivery man you’re about to meet, it meant much more.

On this day, 22- year-old Jeff Louis was delivering a pizza at Life Point Church which is located in Mentor, Ohio. Gionino’s pizza shop is the place where he works and even though he had done such deliveries before, this was a completely different experience. As reported by WKYC, he received a tip that whose total sum was over $700.

Lately, he had being undergoing through difficulties and that’s why the tip meant so much that he ended up making a video. His major struggle was to stay clean and he explains that in the clip below amid tears. All he wanted was to get his life on track and it was so touching that strangers were willing to help him do it.

Immediately he entered the parking lot of the church, he was requested to only bring out a single box, though Pastor Ken Wright had ordered a number of boxes. That’s when he noted that something was odd somewhere.

When he got on stage (the point where he was told to take the pizza,) the unexpected happened. Wright had originally planned to tip the delivery man with $100, but was also shocked with what the congregation decided to do.

They lined up and presented their cash tips to Louis.

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