This Pooch Does Not Know Where The Funny Sound Comes From. The Result? Hilarious!

In this video, we meet a dog named Walter. Walter loves playing with his squeaky toy. Playing is part and parcel of every creature- even humans play regardless of their age. This Golden Retriever spends part of his time tossing his toy ball. The cutest part is when the dog hears a squeaky sound, but he fails to realize where the sound comes from.

He tends to do his best to listen and find out where the sound comes from but he does not realize that the sound is coming from his ball. The moment he stops playing, he does not hear the sound anymore. He wonders what is going on. This is just funny, since each time he plays with the ball again, he hears the sound and he is still surprised.

This incident is like a joke that never comes to an end. I wonder how long this dog will play without sensing the sound source. Watch it out for yourself and get best out of it. What’s your opinion concerning this dog?

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