This Preschool And Nursing Home Will Change Your Mind. Watch This!

Elderly nursing homes have been in the media waves continuously, with reports of mismanagement of the institutions and mistreatment the people being the main sad focus.

However, you understand that in the next 2 decades, the current middle-aged citizens will be the ones in those homes. That makes you want to stop aging, and it’s understandable considering the negative reputation these nursing homes have attracted.

But what if someone told you there’s a perfect home for the elderly, and it’s nothing like you would expect? Well, it exists.

In this video, you get to come across the kind of home that brings the elderly and children the joy of their lives. This home is a mix of a preschool for children and a nursing home for the elderly. In fact, this is the best idea anyone can think of in regard to tackling the problems currently bedeviling the nursing homes. This is where the young minds get to interact and learn from the wise old people, and that can really change a generation!

Watch this, and you’ll wish we can replicate this across the country and cast the homes in a better light. Brilliant!

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