This Pretty Cat Is Faced With An Identity Problem. What He Does? So Hysterical!

Cats are one of the best pets you can ever keep in your home. They always keep us company within the house, and sometimes they are fun to watch as they play around the house. If you have a kitten in your house, then I am sure you’re aware of the kind of fun they bring to a home. As for me, the craziest thing a kitten has ever done in the house is when it tried to catch its tail. It sounds stupid, but the kitten was very busy trying to jump on its tail. What a crazy cat, he was!

In this video, we meet Persik, the cat. Persik means peach and if you are probably wondering why this cat was named Persik, you just have to watch and see for yourself. This Russian cat seems to be going through an identity crisis, and he thinks he is a dog! You’ll see how this cat plays with its owner. The cutest part comes when this kitty tries to pant like a dog. This cat is awesome! He is also quite impressive.

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