This Pup Likes Playing With His Best Friend. You Will Be Surprised To See Who It Is!

I just like working here since I come across different stories how some individuals saved a suffering animal. I have read so many stories about stray dogs especially how they were saved from their previous unbearable situations.

In this video, we meet Ruggles. He was rescued by the owners from a puppy mill. You will be surprised to see how this pup likes playing with his friend. People have always known that dogs and cats do not get along since the ancient times but what you are about to see in clip will surprise you! The pup’s friend is none other than the cat.

It’s really nice to see how this pup is happy. When Ruggles was rescued from the puppy mill, he wasn’t in good health but at the moment he has regained his health. More so, he is always happy since he has a friend to play with.

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