This Quick-Thinking Cashier Beat The Odds And Saved The Day – What A Miracle!

Surveillance cameras at Alta Convenience store in Arvada, Colorado, filmed this shocking moment. A woman had walked into the store carrying her baby in the arms. She headed straight to the counter to purchase a soda. While at the counter, Rebecca Montano, the cashier, noticed that the lady was in a state of panic and confusion.

Every time Rebecca would have a look at the woman and how she was behaving strangely, she became more preoccupied, more so when mother started tilting her head and rocking it sideways. Rebecca asked herself what would be the condition of the baby.

Rebecca never thought twice but went straight over the counter and took the baby from the arms of her mother. It was clear to Rebecca that the mother was about to pass out, so she rushed to get the baby so as to prevent it from any danger. Seconds later after she took the baby in her arms, the woman whose identity is anonymous collapsed on the floor.

Were it not for the cashier, the baby would have fallen with the mother and the possibility of him getting injured was high. What a rescue just on time!

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