This Rainbow Colored House Is Going To Offend Someone, Watch!

This world is full of strange people with weird habits. You will be surprised to learn that people who bully others do so for very stupid reasons or intentions. In fact, bullies find pleasure in things that an intellectual would find annoying or just do not make sense. A good example is when someone is bullied because of the clothes they wear. Clothes are meant to cover our bodies and protect us from weather elements. So if someone was to laugh at you because of the design of your clothes, you would understand that maybe there is something funny about it. If they start to say something offensive, then you know there is a problem in the way they think.

In the video below, the Westboro Baptist Church is known for bullying most people who do not belong to their group. They will just pick on anything that you do and they do not do, and make you feel bad about it. They do not believe in diversity. They pick on Jews, War Veterans, and other minorities who live among them. Would you for example believe someone would feel bad because of your choice of paint?

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