This Rude Woman Was Being Disrespectful In The Court.. Until The Judge Did This! WOW!

This judge did everything we wanted to do when watching or reading about cold and violent crimes. We just wish more judges would open up like this in the courtroom.

The video is about a 31-years-old cold-hearted woman who was given a life sentence for the murder of her boyfriend Marcel Hill two years ago. The judge admitted that this is one of “the worst cold-blooded murders” he has ever seen.

While in the court, the woman didn’t show any respect while sentencing, she kept rolling her eyes and smirking as a member of the victim’s family was giving her a statement. When the judge saw her unacceptable behavior he told her something that shocked her and had me cheering him for it! It was a moment that left everyone, including the murderer herself, awestruck. Watch the video to find out what was his reaction.

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