This Sculptor’s Way Of Cutting Glass Is Not What We Are Used To. So Skilled and Talented!

Glass sculptors are known to manipulate the glass while it’s still hot. But, for Jack Storms who works within this industry, he works with glass the way it is.  He noticed he was talented in art and decided to use his skills in the area. At the moment, he deals with optic sculptures and he has been able to blossom in his work.

Though people may wonder why he takes 24 weeks to come up with a single piece, the end product will actually make sense by having a look at it. The kind of dedication within this man is so breathtaking and his work says it all. When you see him working, you see a skilled man who has the right passion for the job. As he reveals, his artistic skills are inspired by the Fibonacci sequence/ratio. With it, he is able to come up with straight lines which appear to be so natural.

For those who have watched a movie by the name “Guardians of the Galaxy,” part of his work is seen within it – No wonder I felt I had seen this kind of work somewhere! They are found within the Broker Scene. If you were not careful when you were watching it, you can always go back and appreciate the art.

Watch the entire video to learn more about his history and some of his artistic jobs.

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