This Single Mom’s Story Had Me Tearing Up With Happiness. You Must Watch!

It’s February 13, 2016, and Sofia has just won a $200 ticket from a lottery. Sofia is a single mom with two kids, but she has a really big heart.  You’re about to shed a tear!

So Sofia happened to be leaving a gas station when she saw a miserable homeless man holding a sigh calling for help. The wind was blowing hard, and the temperature was almost to freezing point. The man was so helpless that he was even crying and shivering. But an angel was finally here!

Sofia called the man and offered to treat him to a cup of coffee, and so she did. As they got to talk, she learned that Glen, that’s his name, had been homeless for 3 years and had no place to sleep. What Sofia did next has gone viral within no time!

She drove to a lodge and used her lotto winnings to pay for a 2-night lodge for Glen, and then she posted the story on Facebook. In just 2 days, people were sending food and clothing to Glen and had contributed a cool 20k for him. Awesome!

All this because of a $200 ticket used well by a struggling single mom. Sofia has now won herself a lifetime friend. Please watch this and SHARE on Facebook!

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