This Snoozy Cat Can’t Be Moved Despite All The Attention He Gets. His Reaction Is Unbelievable!

Characters that are truly honest and patient are hard to come by – it’s a virtue to be one. With that, I won’t be surprised to find someone worse than the stubborn cat within this video.

Here, he takes a nap out in the sun and a troop of puppies appear. They attack him and shower him with kisses, snuggles, and lots of paw action. Though they do all that, he is not ready to leave his spot yet he is enjoying the kind of attention they are giving him. The lazy cat likes it to be given such comforts yet he is not one to do something to appreciate those doing it. He is really ‘living the dream.’

Though most cats are known to be uncaring and cold, I know some who are completely the opposite. I remember when we young we had a cat that loved snuggling sessions with any family member. She used to relate with us well and enjoyed most when we were on holiday.

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