This Soldier Did Them A Favor 18 Years Ago, See When They Reunite With Him… Heart-Melting!

Back in 1996, Saddam Hussein placed Awaz Bawari on the kill list. That make the United States to grant her asylum. With that, she was able to relocate to America without any problem but her newborn daughter did not enjoy the same privilege. That meant it was not possible to cross with her daughter the boarder.

She was told to leave the little girl in the hands of a person whom she believed will take her home. Though her life was endangered, she was not ready to leave her daughter behind.  She was not ready to treat her daughter like a sack of potatoes and she let them know that.

Greg Peppin who is a soldier was touched and stepped in and did the unexpected. He tool Lava (the baby girl) and used his U.S passport to enable her cross the border and finally mother and daughter were able to settle in Georgia.

They never got the chance of meeting the man who had done them the favor to thank him!

After 18 years, Lava was able to locate him and went ahead to invite him to attend her graduation ceremony in high school. While reporting to Fox 5, she felt indebted to him since without what he had done, she could not have achieve what she had done that far.

The video below has the whole reunion and it’s a story that will leave you touched, kindly SHARE!


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