This Song Has Never Stopped Topping The Charts Though It’s 50 Years Old. Check It Out!

Meet a song that was released back in December 1964 and found its way to the top of the charts in early March 1965.

I am pretty sure that most of us were not born by then and it’s none other than the hit “My Girl.” It was released by Temptations and produced by Ronald White and Smokey Robinson from The Miracles. This song was a great hit, and it has been featured in most movies. It’s a perfect example of a soulful and smooth sound of the 1960’s. The song is still listed in the top 100 hundred hits in history on the Billboards list.

The lead vocalist David Ruffin was not the group’s front man, but Robin thought is wise to write the song for Ruffin so that the group would come up with a wonderful song. He also gave permission to the Temptations to make their vocal harmonies since he was sure that the group had talent. This shows how Robinson was a visionary producer.

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