This Student Produced A Commercial That’s Now Made Adidas Go Silent. This Is The Best!

It’s not so common for a single guy to silence a big, world-class company with something like a simple commercial, but this university student is doing that.  Adidas can’t talk!

You see, a company’s sales depend on its marketing strategy, and Eugene Merher knows exactly what Adidas is doing wrong in its commercials, so he came up with his own commercial that’s now rendered the whole company “uncommunicative.” Commercials are all about passion and evoking that hidden feeling in the people’s hearts. To do that, you have to present your scenario in a way that most people can relate to, and that’s exactly what Eugene was up to when he made an advert featuring an old veteran runner.

Watching the video here, you can bet your house that this is the best commercial ever produced to market for Adidas. However, the company has refused to talk to Eugene even as he offers to let them use his creation to market their products. May be they’re a little ashamed that a mere Film student from Germany can beat them in their own game.

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