This Surgeon’ Son Died In War – Then He Decides To Do This… So UNBELIEVABLE!

The fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq has taken the lives of around 6,802 American soldiers as by April 2014. This loss is so massive and hard to replace. As a father, Bill Krissoff is in a better position to narrate all this.

His son, who was a soldier, was one of those who were fighting in Iraq about a year ago. Being a caring father, he needed his son to be honored and was thinking of a way to do it. He requested to join the Navy Medical Corps as an orthopedic surgeon. And to be specific, he needed to be sent to Iraq. That meant he had to leave his profession as a surgeon and join the forces.

Bill was 61 years old and that meant he was past the minimum required age of joining the forces.  Though he was aware of that, he did all he could to be enlisted. Then one day luck struck! President Bush wanted to meet the families of those who have been affected by the war in one way or the other. He was accompanied by his wife to meet the president.

This video shows the outcome of the meeting. It really answered the critics who thought Bill could not get the chance of fulfilling his ambitions. Bill felt honored by the turn of events and at least believes the soul of his son can rest in peace.

Bill’s unthinkable ambitions deserve to be SHARED. Please do it!


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