This Teacher Becomes A Hero After Rescuing A Student From A Kidnap Attempt!

Sandra Ferguson, a teacher at Sutter Elementary School in Antioch, spotted an 11-year-old girl in the passenger seat of a car that the owner looked strange, while she was driving.

From the face of the girl, she appeared terrified, and never having seen this guy, Sandra knew immediately that something was wrong. At first, she was totally confused with no clue on what to do, but then she decided to carefully intervene.

Sandra revealed that she approached the girl and asked her if the man was his father, of which the girl responded that he was just a buddy. That is when she sprang into action and told her that he wasn’t his friend.

She went ahead to park her car across so as to prevent him from driving and ordered him to come out of the truck.

Luckily the little girl got out of the truck safe and sound, then Sandra proceeded to contact the police who came and arrested the man whose name was Santiago Salazar of 51 years old. Charges were put on him on an attempt of kidnapping.

Sutter Elementary School principal, Debra Harrington, commented that Sandra had been like a guardian angel to the little girl, who had saved her form the worst that was about to happen.

Information from the police indicated that the little girl was on her way to school when Salazar enticed her into the truck. He got hold of the girl’s hand and forced her into the truck.

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