This Teen Dressed Like Santa, What He Did? We Need More Of This!

By the way, many people never really know why we celebrate the Christmas holiday. To be clear, it is a time when Jesus was born, and this means that we should be humble, and above all, help the needy where possible.

Touched that there were numerous homeless people in his locality, one teen decided to surprise them during Christmas time. He went and bought gifts that every homeless person would term as basic. He then dressed like a Santa and packed the gifts in his truck to take a ride in his community and issue the gifts to the needy.

The first person to encounter was a homeless man who sat at the roadside. He approached him and issued him with a gift box. As the old man never expected to receive anything, he made a prayer before opening the box. Upon opening the box, he would not contain the happiness from what the box contained. Actually, there was water, soap, food, toothpaste among others. He did this to all the homeless in his community, he handed others tickets and money.

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