This Teen Uses His Talent To Reach Out To His Mom Whom He Has Never Seen!

Life is never easy for many of us, in fact, there is hardly anybody you will hear of saying how easy they have had it all their life. Most people will always have either financial challenges, social challenges, drugs problems or some physical disability that makes them do extra to be at par with everybody else. Such are the ways we all have to live with. Fourteen years ago, two men decided to adopt a young boy who was abandoned by his mother. They raised him be a responsible young person. In the video below, he uses music to reach out to his mom.

He does not know where she is but he thought of using his opportunity to appear in America’s Got Talent to talk to her. Using the powerful tool of emotion, this teen touched everyone in the audience. He did not get to go to the next stage, but he received a standing ovation.

Watch and SHARE his amazing performance. Maybe his mom is somewhere watching when you do, and she will get the message.


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